Internship Guidelines:

  1. SDNeurosurgery will make all attempts to model the Internship to be equal to those in an educational environment, if said environment included a medical practice setting.   
  2. This Internship will be a new learning experience for the Intern as they will be exposed to the inner workings of a private medical practice.    
  3. The selection criteria for an Intern are eligibility and qualifications without discrimination due to race, creed, national origin, sex, age, disability, or sexual orientation because ALL interested students without exception can be considered for the SDNeurosurgery Internship.  
  4. SDNeurosurgery Internships are short-term learning experiences for a pre-defined time-frame. This Internship is not a job or a training program.    
  5. THE PRE-DEFINED TIME-FRAME IS NINE MONTHS.   Once the nine months comes to an end, the Intern can:   Leave the Practice;   Take a break and return for a second nine-month Internship based on evaluations; or Become a Staff Member based on qualifications.   
  6. The Intern must understand that the SDN Internship is unpaid and that the Intern is not entitled to wages.   
  7. The Intern must understand that a Staff position is not necessarily guaranteed; and that a part-time Staff position can only be obtained after the completion of the nine months’ Internship tenure and upon unanimous approval of the Intern’s addition to the SDNeurosurgery Staff by Dr. Yoo and his Staff.   
  8. Undergraduate students may not work as an Intern with SDNeurosurgery for more than three quarters or nine months.   
  9. SDNeurosurgery derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the Intern, as the Practice’s operations are impacted by the time and care it takes the Staff to train each Intern.    
  10. The Internship is primarily for the benefit of the Intern because the end goal is to provide each Intern the experience to help him/her do well in medical school applications, personal statements, and interviews.   
  11. The Intern will not displace regular Staff Members but will work under close observation by them.   
  12.  Interns will be supervised by Department Leads, not by peers such as fellow college students.    
  13. Interns will learn from Department Leads and Dr. Yoo, rather than serve as “resident experts.”   
  14. Regularly scheduled work hours and when Dr. Yoo or a Department Lead will be accessible to them will be determined by Intern and Department Leads.  These schedules will be placed in our Teams Calendar and made accessible to the entire Practice.   
  15. Students requesting credit for participating in the SDN Internship will be able to show substantive changes in responsibilities from one quarter to the next because of the quarterly rotations through the Departments.  
  16. Department Leads together with the Interns will establish in writing clear learning objectives for the Internship.   
  17. Department Leads will provide opportunities for the Intern to work towards achieving their objectives by giving substantive, hands-on projects or assignments, defined projects, trainings, and/or tasks that can be completed from home, and a method for communicating progress.   
  18. The Practice will provide the resources needed to perform assignments (office space, computers, software, etc.).   
  19. Access to information and technology needed to do the work will be given to the Intern by the Practice such as an account which includes all necessary Microsoft products, as well as the Practice’s electronic medical records system, and all web portals associated with the Practice.   
  20. The account is the cloud platform where the Intern can save and share work that can be accessed by the entire Practice.   
  21. Routine office tasks will be kept to a minimum, including filing, photocopying, preparing mailings, making deliveries, running personal errands.  Repetitive tasks that do not contribute to a student’s learning will be kept to a minimum.  
  22. Interns will be exposed to the “big picture” of how the organization and industry operate throughout their Internship. Weekly online or phone meetings to check in and provide guidance and feedback will be held. All of this will be achieved by the following:   (1) The Intern will receive ongoing direction, oversight, and feedback from the Practice Staff who have expertise in the daily workings of the practice and from recurring group evaluations which are held once a quarter. (2) The Intern will participate in weekly meetings such as Office Meetings and Department Meetings and monthly meetings such as Intern Evaluations, Student Meetings, Premed Mentorship and Medical School Workshops. (3) The Intern will have opportunities to interact with individuals representing various levels and roles within the Practice by being rotated on a quarterly basis through the various Departments in the Practice.   
  23. When physically possible, Interns are strongly encouraged to attend the work sites otherwise known as clinics and hospitals rather than work only “virtually” from home.    
  24. However, due to the need for healthy social distancing, some work will be performed remotely.   
  25. Interns will not work from any Department Lead’s home office.    
  26. Interns will not participate in telemarketing, cold calling, or soliciting, as SDNeurosurgery does not engage in any such activities.   
  27. This Internship adheres to Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines.